Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Goin thru changes

Its a long time since i last blogged.

I am an almost single lady, with a new man but it aint totally serious.

I foind the last bf and i were from two totally different worlds and i was feeling like i had to be like him and not myself.

After all i went thru last year, something had to give.

I still flirt for emgland and still like to be playful so i Carry On Regardless so to speak.

Things with the family are up and down, but i just about cope with that.

And i have a lot of friends who have been of great help to me. Some famous, some not so.

I came to realise that yeah family can be important, but my friendships are a lot more important than my family.

So there goes, a lot more has happened but i cant be arsed to go there.

I hope my readers find this ok and must get more people to read it.

Lots of love guys.


  1. you haven't blogged in a while. Come back! it's comforting for me to have another naughty blogger in the eastleigh area ;-)


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