Sunday, 26 July 2009


Those of you who know me and follow a blog i added to my site will know that i am discussing interesting reasons why man and women do this.

Like i said they are not the reasons that we think.

Some people say its something they feel comfortable doing, some say they were born inthe wrong body, a feeling of safety.

But a friend showed me another reason and i got to say i was very shocked let alone emotional that i was trusted with such information.

It seems that events in ones past can be another cause.

Can u believe this tho.

I have to ask anyone who will see this blog what their thoughts are on this taboo subject.

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  1. This is a subject that is very much interesting me and people i am closer to are telling me reasons why they cross dress and are even going to great lengths to become the sex they so desire.

    I want my followers to comment on this subject as i may need to bring the subject up again.